Brána firewall Win7 sa nedá otvoriť (nedá sa spustiť služba Windows Firewall)

Win7 Firewall Can Not Open

Firewall sa nedá otvoriť pod win7, čo znemožňuje zdieľanie. (K ostatným webovým službám v rámci Tomcat nie je prístup, riešenie :)

Clicking on the 'Recommended Configuration' of the firewall in the Windows 7 Control Panel does not respond opening the 'Service', unable to start the Windows Firewall, and reporting an error, the following specific steps are shared with you, interested friends can refer to the next Ha Perhaps many win7 users have encountered such a situation, that is, the win7 firewall can not open. On this issue, let's take a look at how to solve it! Question: 1. Click 'Recommended Configuration' of the firewall in the Windows 7 Control Panel. 2. Open 'Services', can't start windows firewall, and report an error 3. Open the Event Viewer and select Windows Log - System to find the most recent error with event ID 7024 and the log content is 'Windows Firewall service stopped due to service-specific error.' 

Proceed as follows: 1. Open the registry and find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesSharedAccess 2. Right-click SharedAccess and select 'Permissions' 3. Click 'Add'. 4. Enter 'NT SERVICEmpssvc' in the text box below 'Enter the object name to select', and then click 'Check Name' on the right, and the content in the text box will change to 'MpsSvc' 5. Click 'OK' 6. Set the permission of “MpsSvc” and check “Full Control” as “Allow” 7. Click 'OK'. At this point, go back to the control panel and select the firewall, click 'Recommended Configuration'.