Úľ java.net.ConnectException: pripojenie odmietnuté (pripojenie odmietnuté) (stav = 08S01, kód = 0) riešenie

Hive Java Net Connectexception

Adresár článkov

  1. Skontrolujte, či je dfs / priadza spustená,

  2. Skontrolujte, či je služba hiveservice2 obsadená

    netstat -anop|grep 10000

    Ak sú obsadené, použite kill -9 port Zabite postup

  3. Pridajte nasledujúci obsah do súboru Hadoop core-site.xml

    <property> <name>hadoop.proxyuser.hadoop.hosts</name> <value>*</value> <description> The 'nfsserver' user is allowed to proxy all members of the 'users-group1' and 'users-group2' groups. Note that in most cases you will need to include the group 'root' because the user 'root' (which usually belonges to 'root' group) will generally be the user that initially executes the mount on the NFS client system. Set this to '*' to allow nfsserver user to proxy any group. </description> </property> <property> <name>hadoop.proxyuser.hadoop.groups</name> <value>*</value> <description> This is the host where the nfs gateway is running. Set this to '*' to allow requests from any hosts to be proxied. </description> </property>


  4. Udeľte nasledujúcim dvom adresárom povolenia 777

    [root@xxxxx hadoop-2.7.2]$ bin/hadoop fs -chmod 777 /tmp [root@xxxxx hadoop-2.7.2]$ bin/hadoop fs -chmod 777 /user/hive/warehouse
  5. Vypnite službu Hadoop a reštartujte

    stop-dfs.sh stop-yarn.sh start-dfs.sh start-yarn.sh bin/hiveservice2 & //Background process(Daemon) bin/hive or bin/beeline

    Normálna operácia